Puppy Primer


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Our Puppy Primer class is the perfect way to get your new little angel off to a great start in his or her new life.  We consider this the Short Nose 101 course of our "Training Essentials" series to help owners start their dogs off with great behavioral skills. This course includes our "Pass The Puppy" exercises to get your puppy acclimated and comfortable with being handled and examined by vets and groomers. These exercises train your baby in critical positive behaviors that you must establish in your dog's formative months.

This five (5) week class begins with teaching you and your dog the core concepts of positive reward based training for the short nose breeds. Our unique Dynamic Lesson Plan format allows our trainer to customize each class to the needs of the participants. Topics specific to dogs under 12 months (housebreaking, chewing, biting, etc) are specifically addressed.

Our Puppy Primer class size is restricted to eight participants so reserve your spot now.

All our classes are open to all English and French Bulldogs, Pugs and Boston Terriers- including breeder, shelter, and rescue dogs from any group.

Our group classes are led by reknown instructor Mary Scheffke. Mary has decades of of canine training experience and English and French Bulldogs are her area of specialty. Mary is the lead training and behavioral consultant for adoptaBull English Bulldog Rescue.


How are trainaBull classes different?

Our core classes are all designed and managed by the trainaBull Academy and led by a bulldog specialist. We do not refer you out to "partners" for a generic class for a referral fee. We own our classes and are proud of our successes. You will not find yourself next to a Golden at one of our classes- we're just heavy breathers!

Our classes are exclusive to English and French Bulldogs, Pugs and Boston Terriers and we will have one or more staff members at every session to assure that your dog is getting proper attention. We are not a "one size fits all" training program and all of our classes are geared to the specific needs of the students in each class.

We offer other training options for dog owners who may have needs in between our scheduled classes in the Resources section of our website.

We are offering Puppy Primer at the following locations and times in 2016:

  • All Pets Animal Hospital (Lockport, IL)- Dates to be announced



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