Lildog Boxed Card Set- "Looking Forward...Not Behind"


We are so excited about this Lildog Studio card designed exclusively for adoptaBull English Bulldog Rescue by Amy Pilafas of Lildog Studio.

This powerful image features two adoptaBull volunteer's rescue Bulldogs- Nacho and Lexi- and defines our message. We look forward to the best options life holds for us and not behind to what happened to us.

Our boxed set includes 10 premium stock cards and 12 envelpoes.

Blank inside.


About Lildog Studio- Lildog is a custom art service with creative services provided by owner Amy Pilafas. You can see Amy's incredible work and consult with her for your own custom project at Amy is a founding Director of adoptaBull English Bulldog Rescue and manages the group's social media and program intake areas.

Artwork for this exclusive card has been donated by Lildog Studios. 100% of sale net proceeds benefit the adoptaBull English Bulldog Rescue Medical Fund.